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Boarding Tips From Porkchop




My name is "Porkchop" and I am a 12-year-old yorkie. My mom is Melissa and I 

wanted me to tell you some boarding tips to help make your pets stay at Wunderbar a happy experience. I have stayed many times when my family have been away, for just a weekend or as long as three weeks. Make sure your pet is in good health prior to boarding. Consult your veterinarian concerning any recent behavior or appetite changes. Tell your veterinarian that you are planning to board your pet and ask if there are any health considerations that should be brought to the attention of the Pet Hotel staff. This will help the staff give your pet the best care possible. Notify the pet hotel of any lumps, bumps, limping, and sores or any new medical needs that your pet may have. This way the pet hotel staff will know of any changes that need to be done for your pets care while you are away.  If you have a new veterinarian please let the staff know of this change, so that we may update your pets records. You will need to let us know of any new medical problems, or any recent surgery that your pet may have had and what kind of surgery was done.

It is best to begin boarding you pets at a young age. But this is not always possible. If your pet has never been to a pet hotel you may want to bring your pet for a day camp stay. You can talk with Mindy regarding day camp. This will help your pet feel better when they come for a long visit. They will know that you return for them and that it is fun to go to the pet hotel and see all the other pets. We do not recommend boarding pets under the age of four months. They are just too young. The Pet Hotel staff will make sure your pet has the best care and is comfortable, secure, and well loved.





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