Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in my Doggie Accommodations?

Our pampered pooches stay in fully climate controlled, private indoor suites. Soothing music is playing for their enjoyment. Our 2200 sq. foot play yard is your pet’s private playground with their own personal pet concierge.  Room Rate includes: Outside potty breaks 4 times a day, one 15 minute playtime, meals (of own diet or house diet), bedding changed daily, and treats.



What's included in my Kitty Accommodations?

Our pampurred kitties stay in an exclusive room. Guests get to enjoy our window with views of the gorgeous countryside. Soothing music is playing for those daytime kitty naps. All the pampurring a kitty can ask for. Room Rate includes: One 15 minute playtime, meals (of own diet or house diet), and bedding changed daily.



What to pack for my pet's vacation?

· Vaccination Record - Please make sure that your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date.


· Food/Treats - We recommend that you bring  your pet’s own diet and/or treats.

                        *Please pack a few extra days worth*


· Medication - If your pet(s) is taking any medication or is taking vitamins bring them along with                                instructions. *Please pack a few extra days worth*


· Leash & Collar - Please be sure your pet(s) is wearing a leash and collar, or is in a carrier upon arrival.


· Toys - You may bring (3) toys from home. Please  be aware that toys can get lost; make sure items

              are labeled with their name or we are happy to label them for you at check in.


· Bedding - We provide bedding for all our guests and are changed daily.


What can I bring for my pets stay?

You are more than welcomed to bring your own food, treats and toys (limit to 3), a T-shirt from home with your scent on it to make your pets stay feel like home.  Please do not bring anything valuable or sentimental as we cannot guarantee that they will make it back home.  Pet hotel guests do not need to bring crates/kennels or your own bowls, and bedding as we provide sheepskin bedding and memory foam for our older guests.



Does the Pet Hotel have heat or a/c?

The Pet hotel is completely indoors.  We have central heat and a/c.  During the colder months the Pet Hotel is at 72 degrees and in the warmer months at a comfortable 68 degrees.

What if I own more than one dog. Can I board them together?

Yes.  We are able to accomdate dogs staying together from the same family.  Please let us know at time of booking if you would like to discuss that option.  Dogs from the same family must be able to get a long together for feeding, if not there is an addtional $5.00 per meal to feed them separately.


What if I have never boarded my pet before?

We recommend having your pet come and stay for a day camp.  Most dogs do very well, but we want your pet to be comfortable staying with us, so having a day camp or sleep over before your stay can get your pet used to coming and knowing you will be back to pick them up.  For more suggestions please email us or call us (925) 930-9767


How do I make a reservations for my pet?

To make a reservations please call us or email us.  During the summer and holidays we usually book up months in advance, so be sure to make your reservations early.


Do we need to bring our own food?

No, the Pet Hotel provides food for your pet.  We have Premium Edge Lamb/Rice, Chicken/Rice and Taste of the Wild Salmon and Sweet Potato.  If you would like to bring your own food for you pet or your pet is on a puppy, prescription diet or special diet all we ask is that you bring the food packaged in individual zip locks marked by the day. 


Wunderbar's Pet Hotel

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Telephone : ​(925) 930.9767



695 North Gate Rd.

Walnut Creek, CA 94598

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