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Rates & Services

Daily Room Rates:

Single Doggie Suites: $85.00 Per Day

Double Doggie Suites: $125.00 Per Day

(if you have more then 2 dogs call for pricing)

Kitty Condo: $33.00 Per Day

Critters: $20.00 & up Per Day 

( Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Reptiles, etc.)

Kitty Penthouse: $45.00 Per Day

Spaw Menu:

Rates start at $30.00+ depending pet's size and coat

Shampoo & Blow Dry:

Daily Brushing:

Short coat dogs: $3.00 & up

Long coat dogs: $5.00 & up

Holiday Rates: $10.00 more Per Day

Holiday Rate Calendar 

Summer Rates: $10.00 more Per Day

Summer rates start on June 1st and end on October 1st 

Extra Activities:

Playtime 15 minutes: $5.00 each for Dogs

(Can add up to 3 additional Playtimes)

Playtime 15 minutes: $5.00 each for Kitties

(Can add up to 2 additional Playtimes)

Picture Request during Pets Stay: $10.00

(First Picture is free additional pictures you will be charged )

Medications & Special Care

Administer Medication: $3.00 per day


Separate during feeding: $5.00 per day

(for dogs staying together that can't eat together)

Special Care: Email for Quote 

(Pill, Creams, Sprays, Eye drops) *if multiple meds are administered during the day please contact for pricing 

(For pets with special needs)

**Prices are subject to change at anytime**


  • Our room service menu (Breakfast & Dinner): Lamb/Rice, Chicken/Rice, or Salmon & white fish. BUT you are more than welcome to bring food from home.                                                 *If your pet(s) eats 3 times a day or free feeds we are more than welcome to ask the chef to make their meals according to your instructions.

  • Outside potty time 4 times a day

  • Two (2) 15-minute one on one playtimes.

  • Comfy cozy pads are provided and changed daily.

  • Turn down service with cookies in the evening "Yummy".

  • Our rooms are heated and air-conditioned for their comfort.  

  • And LOTS & LOTS of Hugs and Kisses

Room Rate Includes

**Prices are subject to change at anytime**

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