Rates & Services

Daily Room Rates:

Single Doggie Suites: $50.00 Per Day

Double Doggie Suites: $80.00 Per Day

(if you have more then 2 dogs call for pricing)

Kitty Penthouse: $30.00 Per Day

Critters: $12.00 Per Day 

( Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Reptiles, etc.)

Spaw Menu:

Rates start at $30.00+ depending pet's size and coat

Shampoo & Blow Dry:

Daily Brushing:

Short coat dogs: $3.00 & up

Long coat dogs: $5.00 & up

Holiday Rates: $10.00 more Per Day

Holiday Rate Calendar 

Summer Rates: $5.00 more Per Day

Summer rates start on June 1st and end on October 1st 

Extra Activities:

Playtime 15 minutes: $4.00 each for Dogs

(Can add up to 3 additional Playtimes)

Playtime 15 minutes: $4.00 each for Kitties

(Can add up to 2 additional Playtimes)

Emailed Picture: $5.00 per email

(Video's not available)

Medications & Special Care

Administer Medication: $3.00 per day

Administer Injection: $10.00 per injection


Separate during feeding: $5.00 per day

(for dogs staying together that can't eat together)


Special Care: $20.00 more per day

(Pills, Creams, Sprays, Eye drops)

(For pets with special needs)

**Prices are subject to change at anytime**


 Potty time 4 times a day out to our K9 grass yard and a 15 minute playtime or two 15 minute play times if you have more than one guest staying with us. Our room service menu: Lamb/Rice, Chicken/Rice or Salmon & Sweet Potato. BUT you are more then welcome to bring food from home. Comfy cozy beds are provided and changed daily. Turn down service with cookies in the evening "Yummy". Our rooms are heated and air conditioned for there comfort.  And LOTS & LOTS of Hugs and Kisses



Room Rate Includes

Wunderbar's Pet Hotel

Reservations or Info?​

Telephone : ​(925) 930.9767

Email: welovepetstoo@gmail.com


695 North Gate Rd.

Walnut Creek, CA 94598

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